Terms & Conditions


Class registration is carried out via a completed registration form, sent via email.

Number of Participants

Only a restricted number of participants can be accepted for each class. Confirmation is decided according to the order in which registrations were received (“first come, first served“).

Fees, Refund and Cancellation

The fee is to be paid prior to the start of classes to the responsible Kangatrainer, either in cash or via direct deposit to the appropriate bank account. Cancellation is no longer possible once classes have begun. Classes cancelled due to sickness may be rescheduled where possible. Cash refund is not possible.


Class participation occurs at the participant’s own risk. Claims for damages of any kind are excluded. Likewise, participants or third parties may claim no liability from Kangatrainers, whether for lost items or for accidents of any kind before, during or after classes or events. The Kangatrainer reserves the right to cancel events or classes in case of low participation.

Kangatraining is not an alternative for targeted postnatal exercises as recommended by an experienced health professional.

Legal Recourse and Jurisdiction

Australian law applies for Kangatrainers in Australia. The official contractual language is English. Contractual parties agree to submit to domestic jurisdiction. Barring a consumer transaction, the power of decision over all disputes arising from this contract is held exclusively by the appropriate responsible court presiding over the seat of our company.

Privacy, Change of Address and Copyright

The customer expresses his/her agreement that all personal data contained in the purchase contract will, in fulfilling this contract, be automatically stored and processed by us. Should the information be subject to omission, statements are considered received if they have been sent to the last known address. All texts on this website, scripts, photos or other documents remain, along with illustrations, etc., the intellectual property of the company KANGATRAINING, Nicole Pascher. The customer receives no rights of use or application, regardless of nature and/or intent.