Margit & Theo

Being active was always an important part of my life before my pregnancy. It was clear to me that I wanted to become fit soon after Theo was born. Kangatraining is perfect! It strengthens the weak core muscles, is a lot of fun and always diversified. I became fit and Theo is well rested and in a good mood after class.

Bettina & Vincent & Marlene

Kangatraining also inspires a couch potato like me! I get to meet other mothers and babies, work out, have lots of fun and my baby loves it. I enjoy the timeout and only think about myself during class!

Bettina & Emilia

Kangatraining is not only about working out! It means fun, entertainment, and social contact... We are always looking forward to the workout and my muscles remind me the day after that it was worth it!

Sandra & Sophia

Kangatraining allows me to workout together with Sophia for my fitness and my body shape. It is great to work out with other enthusiastic mums in the group and have a chat afterwords. Sophia just loves it!

Marlene & Tim

Kangatraining was a great motivation doing something for myself after my baby was born! And there is always time for a chat with other mums afterwards.

Zuzana & Annabelle

Finally something for myself and at the same time for each other! Kangatraining gives me my body awareness back and relaxes my baby at the same time. Perfect for both of us! My pelvic floor became stronger than ever before and my tummy was finally flat again! Thank you so much!

Barbara & Tobias

Want to get back into shape? With Kangatraining it’s easy ;) So.... Let´s Kanga!

Barbara & Oskar

Kangatraining means HAPPY HOUR for me, which is different to what it used to mean! Oskar snuggles in with me while I am working on my body and my endurance. At the same time we have a lot of fun and plenty of laughing throughout the class.

Melissa & Anton

No need to resort to a more slow-motion type of physical exercise: With Kangatraining, I found a post-natal sport that is fun and makes me feel energetic, dynamic, and has me in even better shape than before my pregnancy! To top it off, it’s not just the training I benefit from, but one that my son is also able to participate in (even if it’s while he is catching his zzz's in the baby carrier or exploring the studio with the other babies).

Eva & Theo

Kangatraining is the perfect mixture of fitness and fun for mother and baby!

Maria & Adam

Kangatraining and KangaBurn showed me how much fun being active can be. Adam is 2 years old now and still totally enjoying coming to Kangatraining. In KangaBurn I can push myself more and increase my fitness level. I feel fantastic!

Martina & Mia & Lilli

I attended the very first Kangatraining class in Vienna with Nicole (Founder Kangatraining). We formed a special friendship and I became fitter than ever before! My pelvic floor also thanked me for being an “KangaMuma“.

Tanja & Lina

KangaBurn: After a hard day there is only one thing I really want to do: de-stress with a serious workout! and KangaBurn is he perfect exercise routine for me. Kangatraining: I have never ever seen so many babies relaxed in the one room – It’s amazing! ☺

Barbara & Louise

It was always so much fun in our Kangatraining classes and I felt it the next day! My pelvic floor is strong again and I feel awesome! KangaBurn was the logical next step and this is a REAL workout! WORKING OUT WHILE LAUGHING fit perfectly in the KANGAWORLD!