Sarah Tarrant

Sarah Tarrant first learnt of Europe’s most popular postnatal work out whilst on holidays in Austria. She attended a class and was amazed at what she saw.

On her return home, she realised there was a gap in the market for such a program where mothers and babies could workout safely in a relaxed and fun environment.

Sarah then decided to return to Europe to complete her instructor qualifications at the Kangatraining School in Vienna that same year!

Since then, she has launched Kangatraining in Australia through establishing her own classes in Melbourne and qualifying new Kangatraining instructors nationally. Sarah is also a qualified Babywearing Consultant through the “Die Trageschule” (babywearing school) in Dresden, Germany. In addition, Sarah’s husband Jamie, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist also assists in the delivery of the instructor programs.

Sarah comes from a Business and Finance background and after working for 8 years in a corporate environment felt she was ready for a change!

She has always enjoyed keeping active and leading a healthy lifestyle and knew that Kangatraining was an ideal fitness program for mum’s and bub's here in Australia. 

Kim Long

I'm Kim from Kangatraining Mildura & mother to two beautiful, and cheeky boys.

I've been a Kangatrainer since March 2015.

After years of trying to have baby #1, we finally had success with IVF. I lived in remote Australia, and we had no options for exercising with baby, and let's face it: I was pretty slack and not motivated to do anything much!

With my second born, I really struggled with Postnatal Depression, and not knowing many people in the area, I felt alone, unsupported and like a failure as a mum. Then I started Kangatraining classes.


My catnapping baby suddenly was sleeping - both at Kangatraining and at home during the day! I had some new-found friends and a support network and a new love and appreciation for baby wearing! I was happy!

When I was told that our Kangatrainer was retiring, I was devastated. I didn't know what I would do, whether my little man would continue his daytime sleep, if I could remain feeling this good and happy - I was in a panic! So, I calmed myself, went online and looked up the information about the next Kangatraining Instructor's Course. I desperately wanted to do this and ensure Sunraysia did not lose this valuable service. I wanted to help other mums that were feeling like I was, and I wanted to continue doing something I loved! I knew this was for me, I wanted to be flexible, be with my baby, and I didn't have any work commitments to return to.

Kangatraining is my love and my passion!

Bridget Bennie

My name is Bridget and I am the proud mother of a one year old boy and the Kangatrainer for Kedron and New Farm (Brisbane).

I found Kangatraining during a late night feeding Google session. I was so excited about the concept of Kangatraining I woke my husband to tell him I had an activity to go to later that week that wasn't a doctor's or obstetrician appointment. I started classes with the Brisbane East Kangatrainer, Kylie and loved it. I felt it was a guilt free time for me, I could switch off 'mummy mode' and focus on the music and steps.

However, after a while the travel to the other side of Brisbane became overwhelming and so I investigated becoming a Kangatrainer myself. I have studied dance for 20 years and have been a primary teacher for 10 years, so it seemed to be a perfect match.

I love Kangatraining and everything it stands for. It wasn't until I became a Kangatrainer I learned the true impact it can have on mothers. It is more than safe postnatal exercise it is a bonding experience with your baby and other like-minded mothers. It is a place where you can laugh and cry whilst dancing with friends. It is the reason to brush your hair, put on shoes and a bra and leave the house. I honestly believe Kangatraining has made me a better mum!

Renee Barton

I am a first time mum to one year old boy Jesse and I have a background in business consulting and coaching. I first tried Kangatraining when Jesse was just 8 weeks old. I was falling in love with baby wearing and was eager to return to exercise so Kangatraining was a great way to combine the two.

As the weeks went on I really enjoyed the class and loved watching Jesse enjoy it more and more the older he got. He loved seeing the other babies before class and during the warm up and always fell asleep in the carrier while I worked out.

I was planning to return to my job but only in a part-time capacity and I started to get curious about what was involved in becoming a Kangatrainer. I soon found out about the instructor course in Melbourne and not long after discovered that due to circumstances out of my control I would not be returning to my consulting job. And, as they say, the rest is history.

I am now a full-time mum and Kangatrainer and I love it!

Not only do I get the benefits of exercising and being with my baby but I am able to provide that in a supportive and fun environment for other mums as well.

I find Kangatraining such a great way to meet other like-minded mums and make new friends. I love that all of the instructors around Australia are trained in postnatal fitness and safe baby wearing. There is nothing else out there quite like Kangatraining. We love it!

Stacey Anderson

My name is Stacey and I have two darling boys Arlen and Rory.

When my first son was born 3 and a half years ago, it became really clear what was important to me: family, community and health.

I've always been very career focused, however I've always known that working in an office in a corporate environment wasn't where I belonged.

I still wanted a career but I decided to change direction.

It wasn't until my second son was born two years later that I discovered Kangatraining.

I had never attended a class but I trekked the other side of the city to try it and I was hooked. I knew immediately that I wanted to do Kangatraining all the time, not only as a participant, but as a Kangatrainer.

Being a Kangatraining Instructor is everything I was looking for and more.

It incorporates everything that is dear to me. It allows me to connect parents and create a community of supportive mums, it encourages women to be healthy physically and emotionally, it enables me to stay fit and be with my baby and it has allowed me to start my own business, giving me the challenge and fulfilment I need.

Jo Attard

My name is Jo. I’m mum to Leo, he’s 15months old. It took my husband and I a long time to conceive. We had several miscarriages and needed help via IUI in the end. We feel truly blessed to have Leo in our lives and even though we absolutely love being parents and would possibly like another child we don’t think we’re going to go back for more.

My husband and I met quite late in life and I had almost talked myself out of the idea of being a mum. Not for lack of wanting a family, but certainly spending many years as an independent single woman does make one start to question the chance of finding the right partner before one’s own biological clock expires.

Adding to my trepidation was the fact that I had had a bad fall in my early 20s which left me with 2 crushed vertebrae. I was lucky to have come out of that accident with the use of my limbs. My spine did eventually heal after months of hospitalization and the use of a back brace. I was left with a rather irregular lordosis of the lumber region where I lean forward a further 15 degrees than normal. I was told in my recovery that carrying a child to term may prove difficult because of the extra sway women often get as a result of the added tummy weight. I’ve since managed back aches through keeping fit and various forms of exercise. For me movement has always been the key to feeling good and the best strategy for pain management.

Over the years I’ve played netball and soccer. I’ve swam, cycled, run and walked as well as studied Tae Kwon Do, Pilates and yoga but the activity that has stayed most important to me is dance. While I did a little dance as a child it wasn’t something I pursued formally but rather it was always something which I loved personally and socially. Even through my pregnancy I went to music gigs and wrote music and dance into my birth plan.

I didn’t know about Kangatraining until I visited my Maternal Child Health clinic for the first time where I came across Kylie Conway’s flyer. It didn’t take me long to register for her class and get started. It was a great way to get out of the house and meet other mums as well as get moving again. I really liked that there was an emphasis on core strengthening and that it got me safely moving post C-section. I really loved that I could not only bring my baby but cuddle him through the class and I was keen to know more. It was then that I discovered that I too could become a Kangatrainer and enrolled in the course.

I love so many different aspects of Kangatraining but what I love the best is that it has allowed me to spend more time with my baby. I haven’t had to rush back to a full time 9-5 job and I have options around how I schedule my days and weeks so that they suit my son’s development. I love that we work together as a team meeting new mums and their bubs. I love that we get to dance together and that wearing him strengthens our bond as well as my core. I enjoy laughing with other mums while they dance with their babies and take time out to do something good for themselves. I also love all the incidental conversations and friendships that come hand in hand with mums coming together in a healthy and supportive environment. I feel really lucky to have come across Kangatraining when I did and I love sharing my knowledge and passion for it with other mums and bubs.